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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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turkey has closed its borders with syria saying the country is full to the brim with refugees while and grey is asking the united nations to create a buffer zone blocking fears of foreign intervention join me pulis here in a few moments for an update. also the odds are going to use credit rating is switched to negative as a relentless strands of euro zone reaching so far failed to provide solutions to the long lasting crisis plus. separatists make the running as an economic and social problems dominated regional elections with voting underway in canada's mainly french speaking get back.
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they're watching our do a live off from moscow with me tom would say first we move to syria now where clashes between rebel militias and government troops continue with opposition fighters turning to the capital damascus and the commercial hub aleppo as a main targets activists claim violence in aleppo holds more than one hundred people monday the free syrian army insisting it's all about controlling the ground of battle the syrian government insists they will be no negotiations with the opposition before security is achieved everywhere a series stream of refugees is pouring into neighboring states turkey being the main destination but the authorities there have closed the border saying they just come cope with the numbers are these policy reports. at least ten thousand syrian refugees for at least
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a week have been stuck on the syrian side of the syrian turkish border and this is because ankara is simply unable to process the growing numbers of people who are fleeing syria to turkey there are already eighty thousand syrian refugees inside turkey and closer afraid that these figures could swell to at least a half a million has been complaining that the international community is not doing enough to help put an end to this indeed is calling for a so-called safe zone or a buffer zone to be created inside syria and what we understand is that such as zone would extend some twenty kilometers inside syrian territory but the problem is there to create any kind of humanitarian zone you need to have a no fly zone which it certainly suggests foreign intervention and there has been a lot of criticism about this from the international community certainly the united nations security council has not given its nod when and where brought this up in the past but we do understand that anchor is going to ask the u.n. security council later this month to create this buffer zone it is highly unlikely
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that russia and china will give its nod but certainly we are witnessing a growing humanitarian crisis at the same time we know that the head of the international committee for the red cross is in damascus they are meeting with syrian officials who are trying to find together some kind of way of assisting these refugees and resolving the situation has been quite some time in those camps talking to some of these refugees and i can back up from firsthand experience what they as well as what humanitarian organizations are saying what the refugees told me is that the sanitation is far from satisfactory that very often they are standing in queues for hours waiting for food there are not enough tense to go around people are speaking on the streets i spoke to a number of women who were complaining of sexual harassment one person to have put at the base he told me that him and his family had fled syria to escape it did but here in the rift. camps they were dying a slow death at the same time there are concerns that you just need
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a spark to erupt into flames there are concerns particularly from the jordanian authorities that they could be rioting we heard this morning go out today there are also concerns that they could be further clashes so the main concern at the moment is that the situation is so volatile you could lead to an even further bigger humanitarian catastrophe. and this first exclusive interview to see the russian president gave his views on the syrian crisis you can watch the full conversation with letting me uprooted right here this thursday. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. just as well only one time tomorrow all of it's going mates and bring them to syria to do the fighting there practically the same point of people bloody me a putin speaks exclusively to r.t. and the united nations says around one hundred thousand escaped the syrian conflict
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last month the largest number of refugees so far let's get more perspective on this from year to year turkish mediator now working in syria he joins us live a former ambassador good to have us now how likely is it that the growing tension on the turkish syrian border could and the imposition of a buffer zone and then storm both uncertain ground. well let's explain is very important and like you did here at the end of last ok i will. ask mr abdul on the. equation and. show everybody just blocking what is. pulling the. hush up was there all fees or promises that he made almost loopy tickets to go to the best or the best writing just bluffing he's just trying to put pressure on syria and the implosion
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to the soccer field and moving elements in jordan and lebanon. i don't want to strike but pleasure for a bit more to follow syria but syrian army use extremist or right now must act to jay it's the un backs the idea of a buffer zone inside syria well that actually helps the refugees. in the first you know it will kill will declare if the tribunal or the united nations must push to fool with. iraq the end of the look i'm knocking out of here you sure. are nervous the united nations decides to end the i'm not glad they can't take the decision to make it buttons or. hire me yes so. continue. to feel they have to really look. at pocky i'm not the last em. by mistake to say who and these are not let it slide
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grip that one on february twenty fourth and strongly form one and their last article six article goes in including the condemnation of the ceasefire in the cookie talk because they're told that expecting that. are going to be a cop out on some convoluted maybe with the ceasefire so much. like to make another bluff and i will psychological pleasure on syria right i mean serious says the new envoy left the brahimi can only make progress a foreign nation is stop helping the rebels with weapons how successful can the new un ration be things you've said that you know you have to look back at the another mission how successful is he going to be. well this is a food united nations must be honest. and direct lease must be honest for its own fundamentals they have to come down and the loans which i
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take into a civil context and actually again years ago it was a very it's true that it was conduct but not all will cause us to act against al qaeda and global true. democracy politics freedom from the so to this ridiculous focus right now to pretty close. and all of. those islands and al qaeda. is the poster. right let's leave it right there thank you very much mr readdy. a turkish reader now in syria from damascus with us. now the latest financial blow to the e.u. comes from moody's or the rating agency has changed the blocks outlook from stable to negative warning it faces being downgraded moody's said the decision reflected the issues the easy budget contributors are dealing with earlier this year the
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ratings of germany france britain and evelyn's were also switched to a negative out though that's despite relentlessly ting's between the e.u. leaders which have so far failed to deliver any solutions and a leaked emails suggests that the troika of international lenders want greece one of the ways that stricken countries to work six days a week and longer hours to fulfill the financial obligations morton may have said schmidt david every member of the freedom and democracy group in the european parliament believes greeks should exit the euro zone to save themselves. this just proves once again what the euro is about that more political decisions are to be taken by people who are not elected for instance in greece but political decisions being on post in the greeks by people who are not elected they are that's the first political point which is important the second one and that's the more sad one actually is that it's not going to work because the differences between the north and the south in the euro zone i simply sue so big that even though you make the
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greeks work six days a week the depth level and the differences in level of competition between the countries are not of a degree where it makes sense to have a common exchange rate and that's what you have when you have a common currency so even though that you might might push the greeks into these dramatic reforms it's not going to rescue the euro the only thing that's going to rescue the greeks is to abolish the euro or polish the country from the euro zone. in the meantime one of the countries which has been longing to join the euro bull garia has credits enthusiasm and so to its plans despite finally having qualified to join the silly reports and why the e.u. is poor as member state decided to turn its back on the single currency. bulgaria is posing the latest blow to the embattled currency know it has put on hold its long held plans are joining the euro bloc and interesting we bulgaria in contrast to a lot of bigger economies has managed to reduce its budget deficit to two point one
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percent of its g.d.p. and that is safely within the three percent rule set by the e.u. a number consistently met mentioned by german chancellor angela merkel but now that they've actually qualified and all the rules they don't want to back down and put this on hold of the prime minister of bulgaria as well as the finance minister had both said that there are two main reasons for this one is the increasing of vulnerability and uncertainty of the future of the euro in the block it's clear it's been going on for a couple of years now and also the deteriorating economic conditions are still the clear way out of the crisis and secondly and i think importantly for the leaders of that country is that changing the public opinion in bulgaria people they're asking the very same questions that the citizens of credit his own countries are asking who else are going to bail out and for bulgaria's point of view who are we going to bail out once we join the euro and also the country has been through three years already it was measures cuts in pensions it wages and we know for the last year
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especially a stair it is almost a key word when discussing the eurozone or the euro from the outsider's point of view this is what they see they see countries in trouble needing bailouts and you have creditor countries imposing conditions and then you have a stare be imposed on the people and you have angry and desperate citizens of those countries and with that kind of a picture it's not entirely surprising that bulgaria made that decision. there were of course following the euro zone turmoil on our website and currently we're asking you when will the euro crisis hit rock bottom had to come to cost you a very ten so far this is what it looks like the majority of things the prices will hit rock bottom when the single currency is grappa slightly less of you think germany is the one to decide and twenty percent want to put pressure on the banks the same that the euro crisis will be dropbox and when banks get enough of bailout cash and the minority believe that the we killing of the euro zone have to drop out
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of the crisis to be and these are the result of this hour don't forget to go online and tell us what you think. but meanwhile brussels is looking to delve deep into the dealings of gas prom the russian energy giant from which the e.u. gets most of its gas that's close to our business that can get more on this from marina so any tolls of this of becoming a scandal type of this is highly unlikely i would say this is also not the first time the company is being investigated by european authorities and this is all about basically gas from his position in the market you did say that you have gets most of its gas supplies from russia in fact to needs eighty percent of an tar of its supplies it gets it from abroad than one third of that comes from russia and basically want the european authorities are saying that what they're investigating is unfair prices hindering of the company of basically gas supply diversification
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they're saying that it's time to just stop some countries from diversifying their supplies among other things as well and this investigation could take up a month so this is definitely not the end of it and of course this has been the top story of the day and it broke out quite late in the evening so tomorrow most of the major newspapers will be talking about that and we'll of course be covering that as well but later on in the program all the telling you more information about that. ok marina will definitely be looking forward to that see you soon. right to canada now where later as opinion poll suggests the pro independence abutted to cuba car is a frontrunner in kickbacks regional government election urging is that now underway and with people costing their ballots artie's honest r.c.h. or can i look said what's driving separate his moods in the french speaking region . gloomy economic times attracts social instability and uncertainty and what tomorrow will bring for canada's mostly french speaking province of quebec that
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means agitation for separation is stirring yet again as voters head to the polls it's a three way fight to be the dominant force in convex parliament with emotions running high come back as one hundred eighty four billion dollars in debt and has an economy that has grown by a mere one point seven percent in the last year falling behind canada as a whole competing at the ballot box are the incumbent liberals the firstly form coalition for the future of combat and the separatist war and it's the latter which is proving most popular at the polls marching ahead of the others at around thirty three percent this means the issue of convex breakaway from canada could return to the forefront of the decade long reign of the liberals comes to a close it's the latest example of separatism spreading its wings globally in troublesome economic times the separatists leading in the polls claim their short term priority would be picking the economy up of its knees instead of pushing for
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a separation vote straight away the party leader says a referendum on convex independence would only be held if there was complete confidence in a win for now opinion polls suggest less than forty percent of the province's population would support a split the new found was over could back comes after months of student union protests raging amid summer and spring tens of thousands of students have made their ways out onto the streets and shown their public outrage with clashes with police making news headlines across the world canada in quebec would fare without each other is a matter of fierce debate among experts we might now be much closer to finding out if they see churkin or moscow. america's number one diplomat is in china for talks and secretary of state hillary clinton's visit was preceded by a firm warning from beijing china wants washington to stay out of the country's territorial disputes with four other nations in the south china sea the u.s.
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has been backing its regional allies on the if scene which is fueling tension in the region let's not get some reaction and insight from john that places just ahead at antiwar dot com good to see that mystic place and now hillary clinton has said that the a zip pacific region is big enough to hold both china and the u.s. but is that really the case where they would like that to be the case i mean they actually would more prefer it to be a u.s. domain rather than a china domain but as of late washington has been noticing that china's economic and military rise has led to some local superiority and washington views superiority in the geopolitical sense as its own prerogative and they don't want to allow china to get any of that prerogative so what the u.s. has been doing in the last year president obama announced a strategic shift into asia pacific so-called asia pivot which is an aggressive
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policy that involves surging american military presence throughout the region in the philippines japan australia. south korea singapore and so forth basically backing all of china's rivals. now but as you security strategy has the u.s. shifted more focus to the asia pacific region with china being outlined as a potential threat to america what's beijing's response to the move. beijing's response is what anyone would would respond to bella casi there they're not happy about it they're not welcoming of america you know butting its nose into their region of. provoking the provocative in military sense a recent report from the center for strategic international studies predicted that you could see a shift in chinese foreign policy based on the new leadership's judgment that it
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must respond to you know an aggressive u.s. strategy that seeks to prevent china's rise to power and we should expect this i mean when when when states act aggressively towards another state you're not going to get me or subservience you're going to get some some backlash and that's what we're seeing now john interesting about time no holds the ball then a trillion dollars in you instead how dependent have the two countries economically and how does that affect their political relations. well the two countries are extremely interdependent economically not only does the u.s. have a lot of chinese debt but they're also trade relations are higher than they've ever been especially since the one nine hundred seventy s. . the economies of china and the u.s. have been more interrelated than ever now this is a sort of restraining factor on the potential military bellicosity the united
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states can posture toward china but you know. crafters of foreign policy in washington will always prefer military gemini to any sort of economic interdependence and that's another thing this isn't just possibly laying the groundwork for a future war in asia but it's also preventing very productive international economic exchange between our two countries which is desperately needed especially in a down economy of the united states now looking at all that you've said the u.s. is seen by some as the world's only superpower you know that's desperate to stay on top while china is on the rise and advocates multi-polar the world but one of the two countries in average should be go head to head. well we should hope not but that is the course that the united states has set itself upon i mean since world war two states has reigned supreme in basically in world
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geopolitics and they want to keep it that way they see china's rise as a threat not as a military threat china is not about to attack us or attack any of our allies but they see it as a threat to their dominance and that's the exact thing that washington doesn't want if it keeps on its bellicose aggressive militaristic strategy that's what we're eventually going to see. interest in the america once a china to help hold its dead but it's not really you know there's always such talk about how it deals with they you know sort of bad ideas in terms of a humanitarian size so much going on but we'll leave it right there with you thanks for talking to us john says and added. dot com here are not. write some more international stories in brief right now cambodia is what i got a co-founder of the file sharing website the pirate bay he was arrested last week
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and international weren't in the wilds name was issued in general by his native st in after he failed to show up at the start of his one year jail term walker and his pirate bay colleagues were sentenced in two thousand and nine and ordered to pay four and a half million dollars to entertainment giants for copyright that. two nights of sectarian clashes in northern belfast left at least sixteen police. violence erupted on sunday after catholic republicans paraded near districts also the city's main habited by protestants rogers three bottles of bricks and fireworks forcing police to fire rubber bullets and water cannons in response sectarian violence tends to break out annually in northern ireland in reaction to the two communities holding traditional parades. and a suicide bomb attack at a funeral has left at least twenty five people dead and more than thirty injured in a village in eastern afghanistan the attack reported the targeted the local
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district chief who attended the service but survived the blast no one has claimed responsibility so far and there has been a series of similar attacks throughout afghanistan recently most of them are being blamed on taliban militants. well in that exclusive interview he's given to our t.v. the russian president also spoke about the afghan conflict you can watch the full conversation with bloody murder putin right here this thursday. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. u.s. and its allies went into afghanistan just i'm sure so now they're looking forward to getting out of the army approaching speaks exclusively to our team. let's cross back to our business desk to get all the. merino gas problem is certainly is sori of the day isn't it that's for sure it's happy and i actually think it will be the story of some more as well the top story all the newspapers already covering
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this and trying to get in-depth reports in case you're just joining. the european commission launching a competition probe into russia's energy giants and what their concerns involved are basically prevention of a gas supply the everson nation on fair prices and the hindering of the free flow of gas across europe the e.u. imports eighty percent of its gasoline and one third of that comes from russia this isn't the first time gas promise investigated by european authorities and some experts believe there is just no quick solution to all this here's what oil and gas analysts bradley way had to say. gazprom has a desire in a right to try to be as present as possible in its end user markets and the e.u. is trying to prevent monopolies from from controlling sensitive areas so it's not been the first time i don't think it's going to be the last time this latest proposal yet fully played out at the moment i don't think it's a push on prices i think it's more a push back to gas pumps total presence and desire to get more diversified supply i
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don't think we can say that the e.u. is pushing for a particular price per se but more does control over markets both sides have a very clear right to for gazprom to be in europe in large scale and for europe to try to diversify its supply so i don't think you get a cut and dry conclusion to this right away. all right unless conseil with international stock markets wall street is the only one trader right now and their stocks are in the red as you can see losing over half a percent the nasdaq slightly behind in all of this comes after a week manufacturing data came out in the u.s. also we had a weak performance on the asian markets and of course in mountain fears over the fate of the euro zone let's take a look at the european markets in the close and make sure there is see there as well both the footsie and the dax. the percent there and all of this of course after moody's investor service did warn that the risk of losing this aaa debt rating and hopefully this will basically push the e.c.b.
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to act and activate those the melissa measures which is exactly what investors want to see happening now let's move on and take a look at what's happening in switzerland because after months of supplies and resilience to the economic downturn in europe the country appears to be on the brink of recession after a strong performance earlier this year the swiss economy contracted zero point one percent in the second quarter and that's those exports to the eurozone fell that's the first drop since the third quarter of two thousand and eleven when the swiss national bank imposed the franc ceiling to help protect the economy. and let's continue with the currencies the euro is still weak and in against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble the close invaders their gains against both major currencies when it comes to the russian markets was a volatile session all almost all gains and losses and that turned out to be a mixed picture of the r.t.s. floss and the my stocks losing it just the knowledge or oil prices which were on their way up earlier in the morning were helping but now the declining all talking
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about oil i want to talk about fuel in particular and why it's and that's because lines from london to moscow or even st petersburg could soon become cheaper as britain's easy jet aims to turn its wings to rush up the low cost carrier plans to launch regular flights between the cities as soon as next year however it still needs to win the tender for that rounds with virgin atlantic and british airways among other bidders who all know the results of all that in about a month. now russia's membership in the world trade organization spurred fears about what will happen to local companies one of the free market rules will make life harder in particular for steel makers as they'll have to reduce prices to compete with the foreign companies this will result in a lot of it's ability of advise the local tariffs on an energy and transportation have been sent all of that we spoke of was the sea of one of the biggest still makers in the world at civil style and he said that in the long term this will be beneficial for us and companies we believe that still. doing business growth
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numbers you know of course. there is a movement of russian stew. there are some specific issues for example in birth of . dual goods from ukraine or an export of. the united states. decision and all soon it's important to mention the exertion. doesn't believe. immediate role for actions do mostly but it could be on a longer run strong. russian a global economy grows which you generate additional amounts which you too are going to push. them back to gas from for a second be i am very curious to see what will happen to that stock tomorrow morning when there are markets open i just would not want to be with those investors right now i don't know if you know the commodities market are going to shoot up but we'll have to see and wait till tomorrow interest in them just being
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read in terms of the markets today i guess this is going to have. all right thanks for that update marina right i'll be back with a recap of today's top news after the break stay with us.


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